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How do I Level 5 I tried doing Level 5 style but it looks really bad and oh god this looks terrible alsdfjlsdjflsjdfl

This is the Inazuma Eleven version of myself.

Name: Xochitl "S-ō-ch-ē" (14)

Height: 160.02 cm

Meaning “Flower” in Aztecin.

Due to her name sounding like that many people simply call her “Sushi” which is now a given nickname.

Gender: Female

Position(s): GoalKeeper [GK]

Element(s): Fire

Personalities: "A souless girl who only focuses on the negative. She can change her personality in a pinch."

When provoked even the smallest she can get very upset depending on how treated. She tends to have the most emotion in which ever stage she is in. Anger is the worst.

Anything special info about yourself:

She always focused on the negative side of things because she feels it is very important to know the consequences of action you take. Thus never risking anything and finding everything pointless. But she has a fear of doing something that causes her much pain. So she doesn’t do anything at high prices because of her fear of being badly hurt. But she realized you can not live a life without falling. She joined The Tumblr Team because she wanted to know what it was like to risk everything for enjoyment. To have friends and experience what she didn’t let herself all her life.

Hissatsu Techniques:

[SH] The Galaxy

[SH] X-Blast

[GK]: God Hand X

[GK]: Beast Fang

[GK]: Tamashii The Hand

[GK]: Power Spike

[GK]: Mugen no Kabe

*[GK]: Cosmic Force;

The user summons three different sized triangles -largest in front, smallest in back- aligned in front of one another. The ball smashes through each triangle then is caught spinning in the smallest triangle. The smallest triangle is stretched towards the user as the user aligns where the ball is launched by aiming with the other larger triangles in front. When aimed the user launches the ball back by slamming both hands on the ball causing all triangles to fuse and send the ball flying.

*[GK]/[KHA]: Steal Wing;

The user uses the steal wings achieved in Keshin Armed. Blocking the ball by shutting and covering the body of the user with wings. The ball then grinds up against the steal wings until it burns out.

*[GK]/[KHA]: Guardian Shield;

The user uses the shield of Guardian Luna. Holding both arms up side-by-side and blocking the users face, this creates a large shield that belongs to the keshin Empress Luna.

***[GK]: T-Force (Tumblr Force);

A desperation move used when the user is at their weakest -or strongest- point. The user gathers the energy and spirit of the Tumblr Team and charges it up as a GK technique. This move has the appearance of God Hand V except the Tumblr Team Trademark (the background) is shown and the user uses both hands.

Keshin: Empress Of The Dark Guardians: Luna

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